Discount Mugs offers a series of decoration styles to fit the needs of your design and order details. The most commonly used methods are Screen Printing and Digital Printing -to be selected by experienced staff members on a case by case basis- Laser Engraving, Debossing and Embroidery. Please contact the Sales Department to inquire about other methods of operation.

Screen Printing

Screen-printed items are customized using "direct-print" machinery. Due to its accuracy during application, this method is preferred for 1 color imprint jobs.

Digital Printing

Most orders containing 2 imprint colors or more will be processed using one of our digital methods. Your design will be printed on a decal paper, using a CMYK build of your art colors, which will later be applied by hand to your products.

  • Manual application of the decals may result in some art placement variations

Laser Engraving

During this process, a laser removes material from the surface of an object and makes a permanent mark. Therefore, color laser engravings are not available.

  • Please contact our Sales Department with questions about this decoration method and second side engraving options. Additional charges may apply to your order.


Debossing is recommended for use on leather, faux leather and other synthetic polymer products. A zinc plate is molded with your artwork, loaded into our press and applied to the product using heat and pressure.

  • Please contact our Sales Department with additional questions.



Embroidery decoration is available on most apparel items and some tote bags. Your artwork is first digitized by one of our professional artists and later applied by our state-of-the-art embroidery machines. We allow an average of 10,000 stitches and 16 thread colors per design.

  • Please contact our Sales Department with additional questions.