We employ two different methods of screen printing:

The first is a “direct print*” method*, achieved through the use of a “direct print” machine. This process is preferred for single-color printing jobs, due to its accuracy and even application. Most one color orders undergo this process.*

*Note that the printable area on the direct print machine is relatively “smaller” than the printable area of the decal printing process. Therefore please ensure that your logo/artwork will be legible within the specific imprint area of the item that you are ordering. We will not be responsible for any claims due to imprint being “smaller” than you thought or imagined. Imprint size is finite, and the size on your custom order will be governed by the height and width of your specific logo/artwork/text.

The second method is “Decal Printing*”. This process is sometimes considered more of an art form than a science, as the resulting imprint color is unknown until after the “curing” process. Although the decal printing process is intense and time consuming, it is the only existing process that enables us to recreate complex, vibrant and multi-colored permanent images through the use of CMYK colors. Any job that requires more than a one color imprint will be produced using the decal method.

*Decal printing also enables us to cover a larger area of the product. However, the application process is “manual” (as opposed to “machine”), so there may be some variations with regards to placement of the decals onto the wares. These slight irregularities are deemed acceptable within the screen printing industry, and are not to be considered defective or damaged.

We reserve the right to place our logo on the bottom of our products.