Discount Mugs products are intended to be used solely as promotional items. Therefore, products that may have minor visual imperfections should not be considered as defective or flawed items. In the event a product defect is identified, Discount Mugs will replace the order in its entirety only upon endorsement of the defect by the manufacturer of the product. 

Likewise, if an imprint defect is identified, Discount Mugs will replace that portion of the order upon confirmation of misprint.

Due to the nature of the production process, slight variations and imperfections in ceramic and glassware items are not considered flaws. Disparities in raw materials, glazes, production equipment and firing temperatures may also result in variations of size, shape, glaze, color, pock marks, etc. These conditions are within acceptable industry standards.

From time to time, products may differ in color, size, weight, or height. These inconsistencies should not be considered as defects since most are hand-made and come from various factories in China.

Due to fluctuating manufacturer costs, prices may change without notice.