Ceramic & Glass Colors are stocked in a wide variety of colors. Exact PMS color matches are not available. We try to match your color selections as closely as possible using PMS numbers as a reference only. Due to the nature of ceramic and glass colors, an exact match cannot be guaranteed. Colors may vary due to firing conditions or the type of substrate. For example there are many types of glazes used on ceramic products. The type of glaze used may or may not have an effect on the final color of the product.

We also carry a vast array of imprint colors for the travel mugs, plastic water bottles and pens. Again, exact color matches cannot be guaranteed.>

Note that the imprint color may change due to the product color. Printing white onto a red mug may cause the imprint to look whitish-pink, as red is the dominating color.

Similarly, printing the color black onto a navy or dark green mug may result in a hard-to-see imprint, as dark on dark does not stand out. In order to promote the best visibility of your custom logo/text, we strongly recommend that you print light colors onto a dark surface and dark colors onto a light surface.